Do You Possess These 7 Habits?

Through the years I have been successful and unsuccessful in various things. There are seven distinct things that contribute greatly to to either direction. The amount of each will also determine how far and how fast you will either grow or wither. They are all something you can work on to increase their power in(…)

Surfer Beware; The New Facebook Ads Are Coming!

First, let me say I am all for innovation and new technology. It enhances our lives and helps us get things done. There is also technology that goes too far. For those who haven’t seen it or haven’t looked at your messages in Facebook, Facebook is changing the way it does ads. At first blush,(…)

Promotion: Are You Doing It Ethically?

Thinking about a recent issue of Paul Myers Newsletter, I came up with some pretty interesting observations myself. Basically the crux was people who aren’t spammers or bad people who inadvertently do bad things when advertising their products or services. Like when you go to Fiverr to have someone get 1,000 backlinks. How do you(…)

To Blog Or Not To Blog…That Is The Question

I don’t want to go all “Shakespeare” on you, but the title is appropriate for my thought processes for the past couple of months. So what is a blog? The thoughts and ideas of someone they post online? The marketing efforts of some? A place for venting and ranting? It seems a blog is all(…)

My Review of FGXpress PowerStrips

Long time readers of this blog and my newsletter know, I don’t usually review a product. I don’t find many which lived up to the hype or expectations. This post is my review, and testimonial, for FGXpress PowerStrip™. I was so impressed I became a distributor. This is my personal review of the product and(…)

How To Sell

To forewarn you before you read this post, it contains things that may shock you! The fact is anyone can learn the “mechanics” of selling. Just as anyone can learn the “mechanics” of drawing. Some can produce masterpieces while others only stick figures. Selling is a mental game. It is done best in your head.(…)

It’s All Crap, Really Just Crap

As I continue going through the world of “Internet Marketing”, I see a lot of crap. Products, software, ebooks, courses, videos, and a bunch of other stuff. It is sad that so many are taken in by these noxious products. To shed some light on some of the biggest POS concepts out there, I will(…)

To Bargain with Life

We all make bargains and settle each day. This may open your eyes a bit. It is a good thing to keep in your mind. I bargain with life for a penny. And life would pay no more However I begged at evening When I counted my scanty store.   For life is a just(…)

Has Your Dream Fizzled Out?

We all have dreams, hopes, and fears. We live out what we think we should be doing each day. We strive to be the best at what we are doing to try to fulfill our deep seated feelings of belonging and being productive. We try to convince ourselves we are doing right, we are doing(…)

How To Read A “Make Money At Home” Ad Properly

Being online as a marketer and seeing, purchasing, and reviewing a LOT of products – you get a feel for what the product is from the ad. This post should be more aptly titled “Truth In Advertising” since the ads are a very shallow shadow of the truth. When you see an advertisement for this(…)